Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homemade Beehive

     I built a screened bottom board (photo to the right) this year with a rear entrance varroa mite tester and extra large landing area (my ladies like to dance).  My friend Ben (an amazing woodworker) built the deep body supers.  We use only deep body supers. Our third is filled with honey, mostly capped which we will extract next week and our fourth super should be filled by the end of September.  We have a queen excluder between the third and fourth supers as we couldn't find Dan (our queen) because she is fast and elusive  and could have been in the third super.  I also made an Insulated Moisture Quilt to combat the problem of cold condensation dripping on the girls during the cold winter months.

     For complete details and plans on Beehive construction go to the Bee Hive Construction section of our Beekeepers' Library.  In the Beehive Construction section of the library you can view and download any of the beehive component plans including Langstroth, Warre, Skep, National, Straw, Top Bar, Observation, Portable, feeders, pollen traps, swarm traps, nucs, queen cage, native bee condos, mite sampler, wax melter, fumigator, transporter, grafting tool, winter wraps, escape board, uncapping tank, extractor, small hive beetle trap, heater, ventilator, monitor, bee hive fence and much more.  The sun is shining, the bees are happy and we're making wild mountain honey  (Wild Mountain Honey).


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