Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maui Beekeepers Association?

Due to the inclement weather (rain sucks), in consultation with the ladies (honey bees) we at Cottonwood Garden are contemplating moving our bee operation to Maui.  Dan went ahead and scouted a new location for us.  We apologize for any inconvenience but the banzai pipeline awaits and the ladies like to surf (many say it's unnatural for a bee to surf but they're hardcore).  Aloha, mahalo brah.

Meanwhile (before we move to Maui), to protect our hive from wind and rain we have built a shelter.  We will poly the sides, leaving the front open.  We are going to build a combined insulated inner hive cover (Insulated hive cover) and moisture quilt (Moisture Quilt) to prevent cold condensation dripping down onto the ladies in the winter.  We may insulate the hive with 2 inch solid insulation wrapped in roofing paper (black to absorb the heat).  The theory being that in the winter the bees move their wing muscles rigorously to create heat and the colder it is the more energy (thus food) required.  The argument against this is that it fools the ladies into thinking that it is warmer than it is outside.  However, I recently gave the girls an IQ test and they all scored in the genius range (We don't raise no dummies).   We have lots of mice so a mouse proof entrance reducer is a must (One option Mouse proof entrance reducer).  Around the hive we have planted some late blooming asters and potentilla which will provide some fall dining for the ladies.  Next week we will do a final honey extraction, sugar dust for mites and begin feeding.
Update:  I invented a combination Insulated hive cover and moisture quilt ( Insulated Moisture Quilt) which seems to have worked quite well through the first winter.  I also made a Mouse proof entrance reducer to the dismay of the furry little creatures.  


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