Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anita the Beekeeper

      This wonderful film produced by Unicef  portrays a young Indian woman, Anita Khushwaha who pays for her schooling through beekeeping and earns the respect of her community.

"Born to a very poor family, Anita learned early in life that education would help her survive. Though her family wanted her to stay at home and tend their goats, she convinced them that going to school was right for her. “My parents were not supportive, but they listened to me eventually,” she says.  By tutoring other students, Anita made a small amount of money to pay for school fees. And when her parents thought it was time for her to marry, she was once again determined to continue her education and support herself.

“My parents love me a lot but they were forcing me to marry,” recalls Anita. “When they tried that, I stopped eating food and they changed their decision to get me married off.”

Anita had seen beekeepers working with their boxes, and she wanted to know more. “I came to know that the queen bee is at the centre of beekeeping,” she says, noting that at first she was able to buy only two. Today, she has 125 queen bees and 125 boxes providing enough honey and income to allow her to continue her college education."

     Beekeeping can play an important role in developing countries by providing income and increased crop pollination and yield.   For most, beekeeping has become a supplement to the family income but for an increasing number it has become a major part of the village economy.  This is one of reasons we created our Beekeepers' Library, to provide free localized information to beekeepers worldwide. There are many good philanthropic beekeeping organizations like Bees for Development, ICIMOD, Global Hand, Bees Abroad , and Heifer International which we can support and help beekeepers like Anita in the developing world.


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