Friday, April 13, 2012

Beekeeping still illegal in Maple Ridge

Scary Bee

     In a few weeks Maple Ridge (Vancouver suburb) City council will be considering allowing it's residents to legally keep bees.  One of the city councillors, Mike Mordon is against the keeping of bees in urban areas because of the fear and liability of bee stings. Forgive me if I find this laughable (in a sad way) but don't these politicians have any access to the approximately 1 million studies that have been done by cities throughout the world over the last 20 years on the safety of beekeeping. Long kept records in Vancouver show minimal bee related complaints with most stemming from bees drinking at public water sources (easily remedied by responsible beekeepers providing their own hive water source). It seems that every city goes through the same lengthy process like Bethel in Port Washington, Wisconsin (Legalizing beekeeping) who recently won a long battle with the city council to legalize beekeeping. Vancouver legalized beekeeping in 2006 and New York City in 2010.  Lets hope Maple Ridge will take an enlightened view on the benefits of bees in our urban areas.
     This is a video of a few nefarious, criminal Brooklyn beekeepers filmed in 2009, one year before the legalization of beekeeping in New York.

Brooklyn's Urban Beekeepers: Breaking The Law For The Planet (Part I) from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

P.S. A friend from Maple Ridge says when the nearby town of Pit Meadows is mentioned people are known to turn their head and spit in disgust (like when Wollerton is mentioned to Dog River folks in Corner Gas).  Heh Maple Ridge, Pit Meadows recently legalized beekeeping.

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  1. I really wish them luck in this endeavor. Every time I hear of these ordinance considerations and bans, I just have to groan.

    I'll never forget years ago when I was talking to a city official about my bee hives (behind my house in the city) - he said, "Can you do that?" He didn't even know there are no ordinances whatsoever prohibiting beekeeping in city limits. Like so many others, his experiences with bees are the super-hyped media reports of "killer" bees on TV. But after our chat, he was fine with it.

    Matter of fact, I was at a function last night and a city councilwoman here told me she thought it was wonderful that I'm a beekeeper and working to save the bees. And she lives about a mile from me so she's very aware of my hive location. So if the local council ever considers some restrictions, at least I know I have possible allies.

    I just hope that the leaders of Maple Ridge will educate themselves and know that bees aren't what you see in movies like "The Swarm" and overblown accounts of bee attacks. Best wishes from your southern neighbor in the states!


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