Friday, July 20, 2012

Vancouver Beekeeping Forum

     The video above is of some of my girls enjoying a peony.  I have never seen as much activity on a single flower as I saw on this particular plant.  Like a feeding frenzy at a Vegas buffet.

     Welcome to the Vancouver Beekeepers forum.  The Vancouver Beekeeping forum is a network of beekeepers set up to allow Vancouver area beekeepers to discuss problems, solutions and resources. Though primarily for Vancouver area beekeepers anyone can join and there are no obligations.  I belong to a few beekeeping forums like BeeL which is primarily made up of long time expert commercial beekeepers and also a Natural beekeepers forum.  I am neither a commercial beekeeper or a natural (small cell) beekeeper but entertain the possibility of both in the near future.  Consequently, I am mainly a quiet observer, learning from the discussions and occasionally asking a question or providing information. To join the Vancouver Beekeepers forum go to Vancouver Beekeepers.  There are email options which allow you to receive all (individually or daily) or none of the messages.  Today is the first official day of the forum and one message announced the opening of the Homesteaders Emporium at 649 E. Hastings (Vancouver City's first beekeeping supply outlet) and in another message a very informative book "At the Hive Entrance" was downloaded to the database.  Please feel free to join.  The more beekeepers involved, the more information and resources available.  Thanks.




  2. I agree with this article that a primary cause of bee decline is the neonicotinoid pesticides. Monsanto the seller of Genetically modified round up ready seeds coats their seeds in neonicotinoid pesticides. Their argument is that when properly applied there is no lethal effect. This does not take into account that during planting the residual pesticide is dispersed over a mile on windy days and the accumulative effect in the hives is lethal. In Ontario this year during corn planting many commercial beekeepers lost a lot of hives with their bees displaying the nerve disfunction associated with the neonicotinoid pesticides.


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