Thursday, August 30, 2012

Queen of the Savannah

     "Queen of the Savannah" is a wonderful BBC film which follows the the struggle for survival of the African honey bee.  Under the shadow of Mt. Kenya the bees must survive elephants, bee-eater birds, human honey hunters and worst of all seasonal drought.  The macro photography from inside the hive is amazing revealing among other things the birth and death of the queen bee.  The seasonal migration and the honey bee security fence show the amazing differences that exist in the relationship between the honey bee and humans throughout the world.  Watch the "Queen of the Savannah" here .  Enjoy.    


  1. That was great, thanks for posting, I sat enthralled for an hour instead of packing !! Even tho I know how bees live etc it is a very interesting doco and beautifully filmed. Spring has certainly sprung here in Aotearoa, lots of blossom, bulbs, courting birds and sunshine . .

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Marcia. Spring seems like such a long time ago for us. It is a wonderful time of year for us too with the arrival of the blossoms and the birds nesting and it is particularly interesting to us cold weather beekeepers to see how the bees wintered.


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