Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bat Conservation

     Like many of our species of native bees, bats are endangered.  Due to disease, a negative image of bats and a loss of habitat many species of bats are struggling to survive.  It's always interesting to me to see how important every member of an ecosystem is to every other part of that ecosystem.  When one part of that ecosystem is removed all suffer.  Bats help bees by nocturnal consumption of insects which reduces the amount of required pesticide used by commercial farmers.  The same pesticides which are killing our bees right now.  Bats pollinate in tropical areas of the world and in North American deserts it is an essential pollinator of specific desert plants.
     Bat Conservation International is a great bat information resource and is working hard to conserve the world's bats.  At the Bat Conservation International website you can learn about bats, learn how to install a Bat House (here) or adopt a bat (here).  The United Nations has declared 2011-2012 International Year of the Bat and Bat Conservation International a "Founding Partner".
     Chase Community Giving is awarding grants to conservation organizations.  To help support bats through Bat Conservation International go to the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook.

1. Go to the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook, enter Bat Conservation International on “Search Charities”, then click Vote. (You can earn an extra vote by sharing through Facebook, Twitter, or emailing the link—if someone clicks on your link and votes, you get an extra vote!)
2. Go to, click on "Vote Now", search for Bat Conservation International, and then click Vote. (You must be a Chase customer to vote at this website.)
You can vote both ways, giving BCI double the votes! Voting closes September 19th.
Following the voting phase, Chase will donate a total of $5 million to the 196 charities who received the most votes. Awards will be distributed as follows:
$250,000 to the charity receiving the most votes
$100,000 to the first 10 runners-up
$50,000 to the next 35 runners-up
$20,000 to the next 50 runners-up
$10,000 to the final 100 runners-up
BCI is currently in 90th place. The top-ranked charity has 13,500 votes. If all our members and Facebook fans take one minute and vote, BCI could take the lead and win $250,000.
Every vote counts, so please vote today! 

     On Tuesday, September 18th from 7-8:30 p.m. join in the free live webcast from Bracken Bat Cave in Texas.  For information on the webcast go to BatsLive.  Millions of Mexican free-tailed bats live in this cave from March to October which is one of the largest concentrations of mammals on earth.  Should be fun. Have you hugged a bat today? 


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