Saturday, November 17, 2012

Protect Your Ass (Donkey)

     I know that most of you (like me) at one time or another have wondered why don't they make a beekeeping outfit for my donkey.  Wonder no more. Manuel Juraci Vieira, a beekeeper and inventor from Brazil has designed a protective outfit for Boneco his friend and beekeeping partner for 10 years.  Boneco does most of the heavy lifting.  According to Manuel, Boneco is his most faithful friend. 

The Itatira region (a largely arid and uncultivable landscape) is the largest producer of honey in the district of Ceara, Brazil, harvesting about 90 million pounds of honey per year.  Most of the harvested honey comes from africanized bees ( Killer Bees) so Boneco is definitely appreciating the new garb.  



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