Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Price of Sugar

     What has this to do with bees?   Everything is related.  The sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic are owned and run by the wealthy, Agricultural elite similar to most of the agricultural production in the world. Unfortunately, the suffering of the workers is not unique to the Dominican Republic as it exists throughout the world.  Most North American farms depend on underpayed, oppressed migrant workers. The present agricultural industry that exists in the world today and produces most of our food is dependant on the oppression and suffering of the workers.  In addition the majority of agricultural production is monoculture and completely chemical dependant serving only the agrochemical companies like Monsanto (Monsanto).  Our food is produced to maximize profit.  "We are what we eat" is a saying that is absolutely true.  A single grain of pollen from an apiary in France was found to contain over 30 different types of insecticides (Insecticides and Bees), herbicides and fungicides.  Bees cannot live in a chemical dependant, monoculture environment.  Nor can we.

     Please, support your local, organic farmer and beekeeper; let your local politicians know of your absolute objection to these human rights violations (Rights) and if you are lucky enough to live in a first world country like me financially support those less fortunate then us.  Also, if you are buying food produced in third world countries buy Fair Trade Certified Products (Fair Trade Canada ,  Fair Trade U.S. , Fair Trade International , Fair Trade Honey).
    "The beautiful children live with no hope for a better life."  I think that often people are overwhelmed by the suffering in the world and think they are powerless to stop it.  The seemingly small acts like supporting the Haitian relief efforts, buying fair trade products and writing your local politician or federal government to let them know your viewpoints are so important.  Please, speak out!

"By small and simple acts are great things brought to pass."


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