Sunday, February 24, 2013

Free Beekeeping Class

     I am continuously seeking knowledge about beekeeping and have found to my surprise that American universities provide a wealth of free online educational services which include beekeeping.  As a Canadian I have found to my dismay that Canadian universities provide virtually no free online educational services. Although there are many great American university sources of information on beekeeping I have found Ohio State and Dr. James Tew to be particularly useful.  A posting I made last year, Beekeeping 101 lists powerpoint presentations, books and videos available to enable someone to begin their backyard beekeeping experience. Many people have asked me if it is possible to learn on your own about beekeeping and I have responded that it completely depends on the individual.  I should add that I think that actual hands on experience with experienced beekeepers is a must.  Also, I believe that one of the intriguing aspects of  beekeeping that it is a process of continuous learning.  
     A wonderful new addition to our learning experience has been provided by the University of California. The U of C has created the "Honey Bees and Colony Strength Evaluation" online beekeeping course free of charge.  The stated intended audience is apiary inspectors, beekeepers and farmers using honey bees for pollination.  I highly recommend it for the backyard beekeeper.  
     Below is the first video of a web-based beekeeping introductory training program from the Ohio State Beekeepers' Association.   

Assemblying Hive Equipment from osba on Vimeo.


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