Monday, February 18, 2013

The Future of Food and Seed

     Scientist, ecologist and author Vandana Shiva discusses the present and future reality of seed production. A brilliant speaker, she articulately clarifies the present day seed production monopolization which is occurring as we speak.  A handful of agro corporations are monopolizing the world's seed production by buying out seed companies (including organic seed producers) and patenting their genetically modified seeds.  As a result non genetically modified seeds are in short supply and have become expensive.  Farmers no longer have a choice as to which seed to buy (The Truth about GM Crops).
     The seed is the essence of life, from which each generation more seeds are freely and naturally reproduced. This is the natural way of things since the beginning.  The seed corporations are attempting to change all of this.  If these gm seed producers are successful all seeds will be genetically modified, patented and contain systemic pesticides that make the whole plant toxic to bees and us.  Cargill, the seed producer says "They create seeds that prevent bees from usurping (stealing) pollen".  According to Monsanto "Roundup Ready Seeds prevent weeds from stealing sunshine".  The truth is that bees do not steal pollen but as pollinators create life naturally and roundup ready seeds have produced super weeds immune to herbicide.
     Here is a list of non gm, Monsanto-free seed companies, Monsanto-free seed companies.

"Without Seed Freedom there is no Food Freedom"
Vandana Shiva 

You do have the right to know how your food is produced!


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