Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Truth About GM Crops

     Genetically modified crops were sold by the Agrochemical corporations as the answer to feeding the world's ever growing population.  In reality gm crops have created superweeds, require more herbicides and pesticides, produce lower yields, have escalated seed prices and ultimately made the availability of non gm crops (seeds) extremely difficult.  The natural spread (wind, bird ...) of patented gm seeds has made it extremely difficult to find non gm seeds because of cross pollination.  Due to the monopolization of the seed market very little non gm seeds are now produced and are done so at a high price.  The truth is it is hard for a farmer to find non gm seeds today and if they do they are expensive.  Also, the gm seed is patented by the agrochemical corporations (Agrochemical Corp) and because of natural seed spread they can legitimately sue everyone that has their patented plant growing on their land even unintentionally and they are.  This monopolization of the production of our food is difficult to combat because of the corruption that exists in the highest levels of our government.  The politicians and agricultural research are funded by these same agrochemical corporations producing the patented gm seeds.
     What can you do to combat the unhealthy monopolization of our food production by the agrochemical giants like Monsanto that in the past have given us products like DDT, Agent Orange, Dioxins, PCB's, Plant Growth Hormone .... all of which have proven to cause horrible suffering (cancer, birth defects...) and death to millions of humans and devastation to the environment.  Be aware!  Speak out!  Support the labelling of gm products. Unfortunately most of the food products consumed now contain gm products.  Support your local, organic farmers and beekeepers.

"By small and simple acts are great things brought to pass."  


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