Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Skunks and Bees

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Skunk Behavior in the Bee Yard

Join us on Wednesday, August 21st at 9AM (Eastern) for our next webinar: 

Skunk Behavior in the Bee Yard with Dr. Mark Headings
Your bee losses may be due to more than you think. Have you ever observed an abrupt decline in the bee population in a given hive without seeing a lot of dead bees inside? The bees that remain may seem especially aggressive. Or, maybe you've seen the grass matted down or disturbed in front of the hive?

If you've seen scratch marks around the entrance of the hive, especially on the bottom board, or you've actually seen a skunk in your bee yard eating your bees, you could be dealing with a skunk problem. Join Mark for our August webinar to learn more about skunks as well as the options to resolve this predator problem.

To Join this free webinar, follow the link and LOG IN AS A GUEST at about 8:55:

To access via iPad or iPhone, download the Adobe Connect app.

This and each monthly webinar will be recorded and archived on the  OSU Bee Lab website the day of the session. Hope you can join us for the August webinar!



Denise Ellsworth
OSU Extension, Department of Entomology
     This webinar will be recorded and available for viewing at the Ohio State website above or in the Webinar section of our Beekeepers' Library.
      We have skunks in our bee yard that live under our tool shed but they don't appear to be a problem.  Although mostly nocturnal I have spotted the mother occasionally with her very cute troupe of babies following behind her.  We do however have problems with a two legged variety of skunk that visits our garden at night.  Our garden and bee yard are in a 4 acre community garden near the downtown eastside of Vancouver which is open to the public.  Recently someone vandalized the hives on 4 occasions (knocking the hives over, throwing large rocks on the bees and pouring buckets of water on the bees).  I built a security fence a week ago and since then the two legged skunk has found other ways to amuse his or her self.  Perhaps it was in cutting down our banana tree last weekend which was set to produce our first bananas.  

     Better meditate some more. 


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