Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fair Trade Honey

     In an ideal world we would produce all of our own food locally and organically but in reality we import a significant portion.  Much of this comes from developing countries where farmers have traditionally been exploited by greedy buyers who set the price far below a liveable earning.  The concept of "Fair Trade" has empowered these farmers and provided them and their communities with a fair income which has allowed them a healthier, happier lifestyle. This documentary "Hope is Golden" is about the beekeeping cooperatives in Brazil’s arid Caatinga region that produce Fair Trade certified honey.
     The Fair Trade organizations provide funding for the infrastructure required by farming cooperatives in developing countries.  "Fair Trade International" began 25 years ago and in 2012 the number of Fairtrade producer organizations grew by 16%.  It works and it is growing.  Please support fair trade for all products including honey, tea, chocolate, sugar, fruit, flowers and coffee.  For more information go to Fair Trade Canada or Fair Trade USA.


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