Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vanishing of the Bees

     Abby Martin interviews Maryam Henein, investigative journalist and director of the film 'The Vanishing of the Bees' about a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder.  Although there are many documentaries on the problems bees are facing I think this is one of the best.  Personally, I have never been perplexed by the cause of "Colony collapse disorder".  Bees have a very weak immune system (half the genetic material dedicated to the immune system than a fruit fly) and subsequently are very susceptible to minute changes in the environment.  Bodies covered in hair and hives coated in wax make make them the perfect receptors for environmental particulates. 
     Years ago coal miners would take a canary down to the mine to indicate when the air became so bad that it would jepordize their health.  It would effect the canary first and indicate immediate evacuation.  Bees are our "Canary in the coal mine" for planet earth.  In this film they state that colony collapse disorder indicates a major problem in our food production system.  While I agree I believe it goes further than that and indicates an overall toxic degradation of our environment.  If you anaylse the everyday products that we use like shampoo, windsheild washer fluid, ink, petroleum products (i.e fracking and the tar sands) and preservatives you find that we have immersed ourselves in a cornucopia of toxicity.  Perhaps most important of all is the toxic method by which we produce our food (agrochemicals and genetic modification).  Unlike bees we have a very strong immune system and usually do not feel the effects for years, possibly decades in the form of cancers or other ailments. 
     This is certainly an enlightening documentary that I highly recommend.  To view films like this go to the Video section of our website.


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