Wednesday, October 9, 2013

March Against Monsanto

     This Saturday, October 12th is the worldwide action to take back control of our food supply which presently is owned by Monsanto and a handful of major Agrochemical corporations.  They were able to do this by convincing major political powers (i.e. U.S and Canadian governments) to first allow the untested genetic manipulation of our food supply; second that because each of the organisms combined in the genetic manipulation were natural that the combined product must therefore be natural and not subject to safety testing; and lastly that the genetically modified seed can be patented.  
     The political powers that allowed the introduction of genentic manipulation of our food supply were sponsored by Monsanto and the other agrochemical corporations through major campaign contributions.  In addition for decades there has been a "revolving door" policy of employment between Monsanto and the U.S government suggesting at the least an extreme conflict of interest.  

     Most people are unaware that all of the safety testing of agrochemical products (insecticides, herbicides ...) including genetically modified seeds is carried out by the agrochemical corporations that stand to profit from the sales of that product.  Due to lack of funding virtually no government testing is done.  In addition in North America and much of the rest of the world Monsanto has monopolized the food seed production by buying out seed companies including major organic seed producers.  The result has been that farmers have been forced to buy the expensive, patented genetically modified seeds.  Also, because of naturally occurring cross pollination a non gm farmer can have his crop contaminated with the gm genetics from a neighbour and is subsequently subject to prosecution by the holder of the gm seed patent (ie. Monsanto).  Monsanto has sued hundreds of farmers in North American including the much celebrated heroic case of Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser.  The ruthless nature of Monsanto's attack on this farmer and his family has unfortunately been repeated countless times.

     For us to allow a corporation that has a heinoss reputation of producing products like DDT, Dioxins, PCB's, Polystyrene, Saccharine, Aspartame, Bovine Growth Hormone, Agent Orange and the Atomic Bomb (Monsanto the Evil Empire) to control our food supply is not just a crime against our generation but also future generations (Ecocide).  I recently watch a video on the effects of Monsanto's Agent Orange on the people of Vietnam which goes on to this day.  Vietnamese orphanages are filled with horribly deformed children as a result of the the spraying of Agent Orange in the 60's. 

     The future of us, our children and our bees relies on a healthy food supply.  Please participate or support your local "March Against Monsanto" event. 
     To find out more about this cause go to "March Against Monsanto" and to find an event near you go to March Against Monsanto near you.



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