Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Homes for Honey Bees

       An aspect of city living is that many beekeepers live in apartments and have no where to keep their honey bees.  With the growing awareness of the importance of bees many homeowners with bee friendly backyards are intrigued by the concept of having beehives.  Combining the two provides the beekeeper a place to keep their bees and a homeowner the opportunity to have honey bees without the expense, knowledge or time required to maintain the bees.  For this reason we started a program this week to provide "Homes for Honey Bees".  What we do is simply provide the connection.  In most cases the beekeepers are happy to provide an occasional beekeeping demonstration or lesson for the homeowner and a few jars of honey.  As well as providing hours of entertainment (nothing better after a hard day than sitting back with a glass of wine and watching the girls (bees)) the bees provide increased pollination and therefore increased food production for the homeowner if they are growing fruits or veggies.  This service is for the backyard beekeeper not commercial beekeepers.  After one day of operation we bee homes available in Maple Ridge, Aldergrove, Burnaby and Vancouver.  
     If you have land and want to provide a home for honey bees or are a homeless beekeeper contact us at strathconabees@gmail.com .  In Vancouver each residential lot is allowed two bee hives.  The video below is of some of my bees enjoying a Peony buffet in Vancouver.


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