Friday, July 15, 2016

Stolen Honey in Vancouver

     I was contacted by William last night about some honey bees that had been in Strathcona Park on a picnic table for a few days.  I found an open container filled with honey frames covered in robbing bees from the neighbourhood.  They are not from our Cottonwood Garden apiary so I suspect someone pulled some honey frames and they were stolen and left in Strathcona Park.  If you are missing some honey frames contact me through the blogger contact form on the sidebar.  To discourage Winnie the Pooh and others from claiming the honey you will have to identify the frames and container and prove you are a beekeeper.  P.S. No bears

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Free Online Beekeeping Course

     Ohio State University Bee Lab has created a free "Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping Course" based on Dr. Reed Johnson's for-credit OSU Beekeeping Course.  The course consists of video lectures, handouts and readings that can be accessed through iTunes.  They need volunteers to review the course and offer suggestions.
     The Ohio State University Bee Lab has a long history of providing great beekeeping information via publications and webinars to the public.  My initial and brief observation of the course is that though it could use some tweaking it has excellent potential.  To be a volunteer to review this course fill out this simple registration to receive a link to the course.
     Another good, free online beekeeping course, "Honey Bees and Colony Strength Evaluation"  (you may log in as a guest) is presented by the University of California.  This course is offered in modules covering topics from very basic beginner beekeeping information to more advanced colony strength evaluation so that the student can choose the module suited to their skill level.  Access to both of these courses is available in the Basic Beekeeping section of our Beekeepers' Library.  Enjoy! 

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